Music in the Great Room

We have very special musicians in to play for a small audience. We post our schedule here and invite you to send us a message if you want more information or see a concert you wish to attend. You can also call (250)929-8226 for reservations and directions. We serve refreshments at intermission time, handmade for an enjoyable experience. Coffee Blond Brownies and Merengues seem to becoming regulars.

Scheduled Events

From time to time we will give you our reflections on recent artists we have presented so you can look for them elsewhere, or mark your calendars so you will not miss them the next time they appear with us.

If you would like to appear as a SHADY GROVE artist in the future, please let us hear from you.
We are strong promoters of live music and, as such, let you know, from time to time, what else is going on in our community. You may want to contact other venues directly.